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Second Hand Aprillia Sx 50 For Sale

Aprilia decided that it was time to make a statement in the 50cc enduro and supermoto classes, so it used all the experience gained by constantly developing the impressive RX 125/SX125 as well as the previous RX50/SX50 generations and it created two beautifully-styled off-roaders destined to beginners and not only. The smallest off-road blasts in Aprilia’s lineup stand out as the ideal motorcycle for riders willing to learn riding off and on the road, while still needing a practical and good looking motorcycle for those very necessary daily trips. Of course, the new motorbikes had to be great performers so their manufacturer fitted them with the most advanced features, which were inspired from bigger siblings. The result is an impressive looking motorcycle that relies on its performance in order to be not just another starter bike, but a true companion for many years to come.

Secondhand Aprillia SX 50 For Sale





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