Used Piaggio Zip 100 Motorcycles


Second Hand Piaggio Zip 100 For Sale

For speed demons on a bugdet, Piaggio have come up with a gem. The Italian scooter marque has souped up its cut price Zip. Light to handle, easy to ride, the Zip 100 tajkes nipping about congested city streets to a whole new level. The "twist and go" throttle is very responsive, which is handy for shooting off from the lights ahead of a bus or truck. The extra engine power also means that you can pull into the right lane and overtake slow, smelly lorries. It eases the process of commuting - and shopping. There is plenty of room for shopping under the seat and the flat footrest makes it easier to carry bags on the bag hook. Another plus is the fact that the seat is adjustable to three different heights. You wont find much around thats faster, or cheaper.

Secondhand Piaggio Zip 100 For Sale

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