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The time is right for you to get off the back and onto your own two wheels! The team at Bike543 can find the best ladies bike for you!

You ladies are choosing to get off the back and get on your own Ladies Motorcycle. Go on your own adventure and see what little gems you can find in our British Landscape and beyond.

With the help of Motorcycles for Women at Bike543 you can begin your adventure.
We will help you to find your ultimate motorcycle experience. Whether you are looking for a cruiser or something sportier we can assist you. We have a vast range of used vintage and new ladies motorbikes in our showroom and online. From a classic ladies bike to new models we cater for all tastes to find your perfect recipe.

We’ve done our research and found out the Top Ten Ladies Motorcycle List…check it out here.

Top Ten Motorcycles for Women:

1. Harley Davidson Sportster
2. Kawasaki Ninja
3. Ducati Moster 695
4. Honda Rebel
5. Suzuki Gladius
6. Honda Shadow
7. Kawasaki Vulcan
8. Suzuki SV650
9. Suzuki Boulouvard
10. Harley Davidson Softail



Along with your two-wheel drive, our team can advise where is best to get your top quality ladies motorbike leathers aswell as any other accessories you might need to get started.

At Bike543 we promise a 7 day money back guarantee and Nationwide UK Delivery to your door along with many other benefits. We are tailoring our service to you to make finding the perfect ladies motorbike a little easier with a helping hand from the team at Bike543.
If you need anymore information on the bikes we sell please don’t hesitate to text or phone 07543543543.
We pride ourselves on our friendly service and would appreciate any feedback you would like to give us on ourservice and any information that you think would be useful for your co-biker ladies.

If the social biking scene is what you’re seeking, then there are many groups throughout the UK for biker women. A ladies special you might be interested in is the Women’s International Motorcycle Association (WIMA) which operates in the UK and has groups in all regions. They organise activities locally and nationally and this has provided a great social atmosphere in numerous countries where riding ladies can share their experiences and their passion. They are an inclusive group always looking for new members and with the next WIMA rally in Lancaster it would be a great time to join and get involved.
For more information visit the WIMA GB website…